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Insights & Resources

1st Quarter 2019 Private Investment Management Commentary Thumbnail

1st Quarter 2019 Private Investment Management Commentary

2019 is off to a very fast start and we expect more tempered returns for the remainder of 2019. Currently, we view the stock market as taking a “Goldilocks” view regarding growth, inflation, a US/China trade deal, and the Fed. In our view, it is not likely that this balance remains if US economic growth and wage inflation start accelerating or there is a breakdown in trade negotiations.

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Quarterly Newsletter - Q1 2019 Thumbnail

Quarterly Newsletter - Q1 2019

Our Quarterly Newsletter is a collection of timely pieces curated for business owners, high net worth families, women, and Millennials. If you have any questions about the topics in our newsletter, or how we may be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Finance for the Greater Good Thumbnail

Finance for the Greater Good

For more than 35 years, people have trusted John Taft's perspective on the financial industry. His diverse industry experience includes 10 years as the CEO of RBC Wealth Management and past service as Chairman of the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association. In these roles as well as his writing, he has consistently emphasized the importance of earning and keeping clients' trust.

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Bull & Baird Thumbnail

Bull & Baird

In 2013, Michael launched “Bull and Baird,” a market blog that explores catalysts moving the day’s financial markets, shares links to relevant news stories and editorials, provides market perspective and offers comic relief on the day’s developments.

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Preserving Family Wealth Thumbnail

Preserving Family Wealth

Comprehensive estate planning coordinates the accumulation, conservation, and ultimate distribution of your estate in a manner that achieves your personal goals and objectives. A good estate plan also mitigates the impact of federal and state taxes that can diminish the amount of wealth available for distribution to your family upon your death.

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Safety of Client Assets Thumbnail

Safety of Client Assets

At Baird we believe our customers should have complete confidence in the safety of their assets held at our firm. Following is a brief description of our firm and a detailed description of the number of ways in which our customer’s assets are protected.

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Women's Wealth Thumbnail

Women's Wealth

While men and women often share the same financial goals, that’s not always the whole story. If you’ve ever left the workforce to raise a family, cared for a sick or aging family member or suddenly found yourself single following a divorce or the death of a spouse, you know how a life event people experience every day can have a profound – and often disproportionate – impact on your financial health. The topics shared here are intended to serve as a resource – so you have the information and insight you need to make smart, informed decisions about your financial future.

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2018 Economic and Stock Market Outlook Thumbnail

2018 Economic and Stock Market Outlook

As investment strategists, we don’t try to predict specific market behavior even in uneventful environments. Currently the nation is gearing up for a potentially contentious midterm election amid rumblings about trade wars and likely interest rate increases. But those aren’t the reasons we recommend a cautious approach to the balance of 2018.

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