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Quarterly Newsletter - Q1 2019

https://static.twentyoverten.com/5bdca3ff9d95dc14100a4337/UHv2LhyVC/960x0.jpgFeatured Article
Three Things Mid-Size Companies Do Better
This article examines the perceptions of senior executives at companies with $50 million to $499 million in revenue to better understand what it means to be a middle market company in today’s economy. And what it found was that these organizations are doing extremely well – better, perhaps, than most others.
BairdNEXT Insights
Young and Riskless: Millennials Taking a Pass on Stocks to Emphasize Savings
An Abacus Data survey recently revealed that 75% of Millennials have money in their     savings accounts but only 41% had that money invested in the market. Our thoughts: Having a cash reserve for emergencies is important but don’t forget the power of compounding interest.
Image result for successful womenWomen’s Wealth Series
Retirement Planning is Different for Women
Even in this day and age, women tend to take a back seat when it comes to working out the details of their financial future. This is troublesome, given that, on average, women still live longer than men and therefore have a real stake in how long their retirement income will last.
https://static.twentyoverten.com/5bdca3ff9d95dc14100a4337/wvfd79R5W/home-image-family-beach-resized-image-960x450.jpgPreserving Family Wealth
Biggest Blunders Made by High-Net-Worth Families
There’s no uniform method for handling great wealth, but press advisors on common errors, and they have a lot to say about patterns that trip up even those with the best intentions. A group of professionals from family offices, investment managers, estate planners art advisors and other disciplines describe some of the mistakes they’ve seen made by wealthy clients.

Wealth Management Insights

March 2019 |  Planning for All 3 Phases of Retirement
This month’s Wealth Management Insights     revisits the three phases of retirement and how you can prepare – mentally and financially – for each.February 2019 | 5 Tax Traps for 2019
Your 2018 tax returns will look a little different following the 2017’s tax reform legislation. But those changes aren’t the only ones you need to look out for. Here are five tax traps that could snare unsuspecting filers in 2019.January 2019 | 3 Financial Resolutions for 2019
Every January, people make New Year’s resolutions to save more, pay off debt and become more organized with their finances. While those are worthwhile – and achievable – goals, without a specific plan of action, it’s hard to make them stick.
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