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A family’s unique core set of beliefs and lifestyle goals should guide the approach to protect, grow and transfer their wealth.

Helping families construct a family mission statement allows us to go beyond the family’s financial affairs.  We are able to more clearly define and prioritize the family’s goals and direct the appropriate resources to ensure those goals are accomplished.


Increased longevity has added an extra living generation to families, complicating wealth transfer planning and family governance.  It also places further emphasis on creating predictable investment income and mitigating the long term effect of taxes. Families with multiple generations need comprehensive and integrated advice to guide them through a wide range of matters from education and college planning to eldercare arrangements.

The increasing complexity of risk management can threaten the success of wealth transfer.  We aim to create a sustainable legacy for families by protecting their assets as well as their core set of beliefs from chronic, acute and unforeseen threats.


The successful transition of wealth and values from generation to generation is how we measure good outcomes.  We serve as the primary family advisor and advocate representing the family’s values, vision, goals, and initiatives.  In doing so, we will see that all parties, including legal, tax, investment, and risk management work in a unified fashion and in the best interest of the family. This concept further supports the integration and alignment of investments with family interests, causes, and passions.

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